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Doctor Who - The Complete Classic 26 Seasons Collection + Extras
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2013-05-06 04:01:42 GMT

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This torrent was created so that each season of the original dr who can be a separate torrent for faster downloading.  Instead of dling a torrent of 280 gigs you get 28 separate 10gig torrents.  

This torrent includes torrent files:
a torrent file for each season 1~26
a torrent file for the movie
and a torrent file for the extra movies in 1965-1966 (that most people ignore because the the doctor is Peter Cushing, but they only have a vague similarity to the TV series)  

I give full credit and many kudos to UMe2, who originally uploaded this collection.  But due to popular demand and because the torrent that UMe2 280+gigs, i have uploaded that same collection in smaller segments.

Note: this is my first ever upload to a torrent site, please let me know if you have any suggestions.  I will have this, and all torrents included, seeding for as long as possible due to my love of all that is Doctor Who.  But we all know that laptops are portable for a reason and the tower containing this collection may not always be attached, so don't lose hope if it takes a while (took me 2 weeks straight) to get them all.  So please seed after download.  Thank you.		


thank you so much. you are awesome
amazing job, thanks!
Such a great idea!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can someone please seed Season 2, Doctor 1?
My virus checker found a virus on season 3
Huge thanks to UMe2 for this collection, and 834ch4 for the torrent.

While this is one of the most complete collections anywhere, it was compiled by UMe2 in 2012 from what I can tell and there have been missing episodes found and new animated reconstructions released since then. Here's a list of episodes for those of you who want to update this collection (especially if you like the 2nd Doctor as much as I do).

Found Episodes
*The Enemy of the World: Part 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 (now complete!)
*Web of Fear: Part 2, 4, 5, and 6 (only episode 3 still missing)

Animated Reconstructions
*Mission to the Unknown: no official release but it can be found
*The Reign of Terror: Part 4 and 5
*The Tenth Planet: Part 4
*The Underwater Menace: Part 1 and 2 (to be released sometime in 2014)
*The Moonbase: Part 1 and 3
*The Ice Warriors: Part 2 and 3

Most of these can be easily found on torrent sites or other locations. Good luck!
Did the "hard" work of finding all of the torrents for the episodes I listed above. You can find the links here:
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